Zee Andrews (AKA Zacat98) is an actor and voice actor. Zee's notable roles are Mimikyu and Rowlet. Zee is represented by Swift Casting.

Bio Edit

Zee is from Hertfordshire, U.K. and became a voice actor in 2015. Prior, Zee went to the local Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA). In December 2016, Zee was cast as "various Pokemon voices" but along the way was cast in main roles as Mimikyu and Rowlet.

In the Sun and Moon Abridged series, Zee's voice was used for Team Skull's Pokemon. Later, it was confirmed that Zee would play Mimikyu and later Rowlet as supporting roles. For episode 5, Zee voiced Sharpedo as an extra role. Yungoos was voiced by Zee in Episode 8.

Other Work Edit

Zee has other voice roles such as Hannah and Receptionist in Wanted Alive by Rockzone Studios, Grandma from "When Magikarp is your last Pokemon" and many more etc.

Roles Edit

Team Skull's Pokemon, Mimikyu, Rowlet, Sharpedo, Yangoose

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