Yangoose and Gumshoe Edit

Yangoose and Gumshoe are supporting Pokemon for Totem Gumshoos during Ash's Trial. Yangoose is voiced by Zee Andrews and Gumshoe is voiced by DeWarioFreak.

Personality Edit

Yangooes is the only one of the duo who speaks in full sentences. He likes to portray an intimidating demeanour and is disappointed by the lack of challenge Hala presents them with.

Not much is known about Gumshoe's personality as he hardly speaks. The only word he is known to say is "'gina". The lack of speech possibly denotes a lesser intelligence.

Trivia Edit

  • As Ash enters the Verdant Cavern, he references to the two as Weasels. Yangooes later corrects him as to the pair being Mongooses.
  • Gumshoe's only line is most likely a derivative word for vagina... this is likely a reference to one of Donald Trump's most controversial phrases.
  • Both of their names are play-on-words of "Yungoos" and "Gumshoos", which are the names of their in-game species