Salandit, Yungoos and Zubat are three groups of three Pokemon under ownership of Team Skull. They were all voiced by Zee Andrews


In "The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac", Team Skull confronted Kiawe for "cramping their style". This caused them to engage in a battle and so, called out their Pokemon. This outnumbered Kiawe and prompted Ash to join in and battle, sending out Pikachu and Kiawe sending out his Turtonator. To finish the battle, Kiawe and Turtonator used a fire-type Z-Move which seemed to leave Team Skull's Pokemon barely alive in a 3 ft deep crater in the ground. This caused Team Skull to round up their Pokemon and leave.


  • All of Team Skull's Pokemon (and their vocal effects) where voiced by Zee Andrews, who also voices Mimikyu and Rowlet.