Sophocles is one of Ash's classmates at the Pokemon School. He is voiced by SmashBrosWill.

Personality Edit

Sophocles has an above average intelligence, possibly matching Lillie's. However, he has, on many occasions, expressed he lacks common sense (especially when it comes to food). This is evident in "A Ship at Sea" where it is revealed by Lillie that he has sold his own organs to afford ice cream cones (the plural implies this has happened on multiple occasions, namely one of his kidneys). It is also hinted that he is romantically involved with Kiawe. The biggest hint being the fact they are hands-on sex ed partners and Kiawe texted him to "get his rod ready", implying Kiawe wanted to hook up. Sophocles is most likely homosexual, not only is he possibly romantically involved with Kiawe, but he also seemingly wanted to observe homosexual pornography in "Mayhem Big and 'Mall".

Appearances Edit

The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac

For a God's Sake

Rocket 'n' Rotom

A Ship at Sea

Mayhem Big and 'Mall

Shorts Edit

Ash trains with Rockruff

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A text between Sophocles and Kiawe