Mallow is a main character in Pokemon Sun and Moon Abridged and a student at the Pokemon School on Melemele Island. She was voiced by Lizzie Blinx from Episodes 1-4 and Arakachi from Episode 5 onwards.

Appearances Edit

The Milf, the Mime and the Maniac

For a God's Sake

Rocket 'n' Rotom

Time Flies

A Ship at Sea

Mayhem Big and 'Mall (mentioned)

A Warm Couple

Shorts Edit

Ash trains with Rockruff

Trivia Edit

  • Mallow was voiced by Lizzie Blinx (who also voiced Serena) from Episode 1 to 4. She was replaced by Arakachi (who also voiced Rowlet's Mom) starting on Episode 5.
  • Despite being well-known in the official anime as a good cook, she has been established as having terrible cooking skills.
  • In Episode 7, it is implied Lillie and Mallow are romantically involved in some way. This can be interpreted as music from the pornographic video, Two Girls One Cup is heard in place of Mallow's response to why she visits Lillie's house every day.