Clemont was a former travelling companion of Ash through his travels through the Kalos region, along with Serena and and his sister, Bonnie. He was voiced by Miguel Fernandez.


Clemont made an appearance in the short, "Why Serena isn't in Alola". He was bidding farewell to Serena as she prepares to depart to the Alola region, not long after she kisses Ash. Whilst on the runway, Serena's plane blew up mid-air. The explosion was caused by Team Rocket in a terror attack. This caused Ash to travel to Alola by train. Clemont responded by asking how that would be possible due to Alola being in the middle of the ocean.

Appearances Edit

A Ship at Sea (cameo)

Shorts Edit

Why Serena isn't in Alola

Serena cuts her hair

Trivia Edit

  • Clemont was voiced by Miguel Fernandez, who also voices Pikachu.